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Have you climbed Mount Kilimanjaro? Seen the Northern Lights? Dined on the southern tip of Sicily? Do you want to?

We’re passionate about creating a home for the curious. We value individuals that are self-motivated, eager to learn and who aspire to do remarkable things. If you’re fanatical about your craft and want to fall in love with your work, we want to hear from you.


"What is Wander?" - Wired Magazine

We challenge traditional ways of creating a product and business. We've created one of the most successful viral launch campaigns ever, been covered by the New York Times and launched a blog featuring some of the best illustrators on the planet.

We're launching Wander through TechStars NYC and we're backed by some of the best in the business, including: NextView Ventures, SoftTech VC, SV Angel, Google Ventures, Collaborative Fund and Red Swan.

We work out of an awesome loft in New York City's East Village.